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Friendsland suggests you to seize the opportunity and get to know the beauties of mountainous Limassol and the wider area of Louvaras village. It will be good to take into account that you are 30 minutes drive from Troodos and 30 minutes drive from the sea of Limassol. You are located in the area of Koumandaria and next to the wine villages of Limassol so plan your escape accordingly.

Short tour of the village of Louvaras.

A short tour of the cultural monuments of the Louvara community. Discover the old community fountain, the olive mill, the mosaics in the community streets, the iconostasis, the extremely cultural church of Agios Mamas dating back to the 16th century and much more.

Discover Kakomalli State Forest on foot or by bike

Friendsland is located at the foot of the Kakomalli state forest. Take a bike or walk in the woods towards the highest point. From there you will see in a radius of 360 degrees, the city of Limassol stretching at your feet with the endless blue of the sea, the Troodos forest and the small villages on its slopes. If you are lucky and consistent, admire the sunrise and sunset.

Visit the Commandaria Museum in Zoopigi

Within 5 minutes drive visit the Koumandaria museum in Zoopigi and try authentic commandaria. Seize the opportunity and visit other wine villages in the area. Contact to make an appointment at 99656288.

Bring a book with you
Go to the sea

Nature and book are a unique combination of enjoyment. Friendsland is ideal for reading and traveling through the confines of a book.


For those who want to be in the coolness of the sea do not forget to bring with them the essentials. 30 minutes drive to the sea We suggest you choose to go to the organized beach located in Agios Tychonas. If you go there, do not forget to try oysters from the restaurant located in the area.

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